DoryAugmented Reality and Location Based ServicesDory gives visitors of museums, showrooms and trade shows location-based information and therefore turns every visit into an exciting adventure. Location detection can additionally serve as guidance.

Why choose Dory for your exhibition? The high quality and innovative character of Dory´s functions will give your local business an advantage over other exhibitors.
Dory skilfully combines the real world with the virtual. Moreover, it integrates advanced information, local services and guidance – all in one App.

Dory combines virtual possibilities with real-time locations and uses advantages of Augmented Reality and iBeacons – all within one App.

Your advantages at a glance:
Augmented Reality (image enhancements/ animations)
iBeacons (location-based signal transmitters)
Unlimited information extensions
Guidance through interactive maps with location detection
Playful customer loyalty (quizzes, ranking lists)
Large area of reach on mobile devices
User analysis with anonymized tracking
Improved marketing- and corporate identity expansion

Take Dory for your App!