Google Accelerates News on Mobile Devices

In 2015 Google pointed out, that the term “Mobile First” for mobile usage is going to gain greater attention. By introducing the Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) Google is also launching a mobile optimized news-format. The “Mobile Disruption” concerns particularly, besides Healthcare und E-Commerce, the fields of media and publishing. The initiating convergence of social, mobile and video, enables media-houses to break fresh ground. To publish – and especially to spread content – it also increases the need to improve performance and spreading.

newsbox-amp (1)

Stefan Gerstmeier, COO of Neofonie Mobile and mobile publishing expert assumes that “Google’s Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) initiative are going to help media-houses to display content between 15% and 85% times faster on mobile devices. For users, AMP results in a considerable improved performance and usability. For media-houses, it generates more page – and ad-views. Furthermore AMP rendered pages, which have passed the Google mobile AMP tests, will gain better search-ranking positions which results in a positve effect on the spreading rate.”

Although other branches will profit from AMP. The latest user-metrics, which has been published at the Mobile World Congress lately, show that in 2015 more than 30% of all digital shoppings has been transacted on mobile platforms. Shopping, especially on mobile platforms is going to continue growing exponentially. Therefore mobile will continue to increase its importance. AMP is going to make a significant contribution to mobile commitment and in the enhancement of user experience and the improvement of retention-rates for shopping experiences. As a consequence Google AMP will be adapted in the field of E-Commerce.