Making life easier with Internet of Things – Neofonie develops a cloud-based solution for Gigaset G-tag

Many impressive new trends in Internet of Things (IoT) category were presented during the CeBIT conference this year – from intelligent street lamps that measure air pollution to Bio-chips that connect people with the IoT. According to Statista, by 2020 not only will 50 billion devices worldwide be already networked, but also the technology will constantly grow and keep providing the users with more and more convenient solutions – needless to mention the importance of Wearables: Gadgets and ideas that will make our everyday life visibly easier. One of the highlights was G-tag produced by Gigaset – a Bluetooth sender which helps users find objects. „A satisfactory private & working life balance with simultaneous efficient time management is important for almost everybody. Who does not waste time everyday for looking for keys or smartphone?“ says Raphael Dörr, Head of Global Corporate and Digital Strategy & Transformation of Gigaset.


Together is the key

According to Gigaset, an average person spends 38 days of life looking for their keys. The smart Beacon was produced to put an end to that. Keys, smartphone and the like can be „tagged“ and tracked down at every moment. The location option makes it possible to quickly track a car parked in another city. The IoT device makes life easier in one more way – a smart option reminds user about taking all previously listed things to the office. All functions are controlled via the G-tag App, and any number of G-tags included can be managed via Bluetooth. On top of that, management of G-tags can be individually shared among many App users grouped in „Circles“ like Friends, Family or Coworkers.

Cloud-based Social Sharing

To make the „Social Sharing“ and smooth multiple-device usage possible, our parent company Neofonie developed a scalable, cloud-based solution. The IT-Backend operation is based on Docker Container technology that integrates updates without any interference with User Experience. „A Cloud-based solution means easy access to services and sharing information with other people.  The backend must be increasingly agile and flexible, to make an easy implementation of functions and updates happen. Microservices and Container technologies like Docker play a key role here“ explains Thomas Kitlitschko, CEO of Neofonie.

full-706aaeb5ceec41d6b44b92573f19c8fdAbout Gigaset

Gigaset AG, Munich, is an international company that specializes in communication technology and is the european leader of the DECT-Phones market. With 1250 employees and departments in about 70 countries, Gigaset is one of the biggest and highest-ranked corporations of its type worldwide. Under the banner Gigaset pro, the company offers innovative business communication solutions for small and medium-sized businesses while Gigaset elements are cloud-based safety solutions. (

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