Nearly Native: Neofonie Mobile and the next wave of hybrid crossplatform apps at the Mobile Tech Conference 2014

A visionary outlook at the future of mobile applications and services are at the heart of the Mobile Tech Conference 2014, which takes place from September 4th to 1st in Berlin. As a partner of the established industry networking platform, Neofonie Mobile discusses capabilities and impact of the next generation of HTML5-based cross-platform hybrid applications.

The MTC is one of the most important mobile industry events in German-speaking Europe and promises to deliver on its premise – with more than 60 experts, 70 lectures and numerous hands-on workshops. Technology, strategic issues and business topics alike have their place here. As a leading German app agency in the digital publishing sector, a first mover in the field of hybrid HTML5 and experienced player in the mobile business, Neofonie Mobile offers a glimpse at the next generation of hybrid applications.

In their talk “Native or not? The next generation of HTML5-based hybrid apps”, Sidney Bofah and Christian Justus demonstrate live examples of next-gen HTML5 complemented with examples of day-to-day project work.

Abstract: “That’s native, isn’t it? The next generation of HTML5 based hybrid mobile apps”

Developing, high-performance hybrid apps based on HTML5 is no longer rocket science. Tools like AngularJS, Ionic and PhoneGap, used in conjunction with faster devices and browser engines, make a once arcane art  a commodity – increasingly questioning the need for native implementations. But now that “Write once, deploy anywhere” has become a reality for most use cases, what does the future hold? What will iOS8 change when it brings WebGL, nitro-accelerated Mobile Safari and a fresh WKWebview to the table? How quickly will the “ship your own Webview” approach take hold, driven by Cordova 4.0, Crosswalk & IBM? What impact will UI libraries like famous.js have, and what’s new in ECMAScript 6? Neofonie Mobile offers a glimpse on the next generation of hybrid applications through live demonstration and examples from production-level projects.

Sidney Bofah (Neofonie Mobile GmbH)
With a over 10 years of experience in web development projects, Sidneys passion is to champion HTML5s readiness as a unified cross-device platform. After graduating in business administration , majoring in computer science and corporate strategy (M.A. / FU Berlin, Germany) – and International Management (B.A. / University of Westminster, London), his professional career included jobs in academia, development and consulting. Sidney joined Neofonie Mobile as project manager and accompanied since then as Project Lead and Technical Lead with numerous native and hybrid application projects for iOS, Android and Windows. Since March 2014 he is responsible for business development.

Christian Justus (Neofonie Mobile GmbH)
Christian holds a degree in Media Sciences from the Ilmenau University of Technology. After his studies, he founded a startup where he is still involved as a part-time CEO. In 2013, he implemented his self-published hybrid app using PhoneGap & AngularJS. Since then, Christian has been a key contributor to all HTML5-driven projects at Neofonie Mobile as Senior Frontend Engineer and Software Architect. Currently, he is overseeing the releases of three ongoing hybrid projects.

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nhow Hotel | Berlin, Stralauer Allee 3
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Talk: “Nativ oder nicht? Die kommende Generation HTML5-basierter Hybrid-Apps”
Mittwoch, 3. September, 14:30 – 15:30 Uhr