Neofonie Mobile is nominated for the Cultural Advancement Award 2014

Each year, the Cultural Council of the German Economy (Kulturkreis der deutschen Wirtschaft), together with its partners “Süddeutsche Zeitung” and “Handelsblatt”, awards the German Cultural Advancement Award as the unique nationwide award for entrepreneurial cultural engagement. Neofonie Mobile was a participant of the cultural advancement award 2014.

The app, called “BorderCheck”, uses iBeacons to guide users and converts the exhibition rooms into a playing area for the visitors. The app calls the attention of visitors to the “Europa-Test” exhibition of the real political borders during their “Reise durch die Welt” or “Travel Through the World” – in addition it highlights what the different challenges to “freedom of travel” for people of other countries look like. Moreover the app conveys the content of the exhibition to children and youngsters and to strengthen their interest in a playful way. “Neofonie Mobile occupies 35 employees from 14 different countries. This meant that this project was not only exciting for technological reasons, but also from a personal point of view.” explained Stefan Gerstmeier, the COO of Neofonie Mobile, as to the motivation to support this project.

Enterprises, which have a cultural engagement besides their core business, apply for the cultural advancement award. A top-class jury evaluates the filings by different criteria like creativity of the conveyor concept, integration in the enterprise, cultural relevance and sustainability. The price is awarded in three categories: small, medium-sized and big enterprises. The winners of the awards ceremony of the German cultural advancement award 2014 will be announced on 25th November 2014 in the HVB Forum in Munich.