New Serious Gaming App from BCG simulates Business Strategies

With a new Serious Gaming App, The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) demonstrates Business Strategies in a playful way. With the iPad App “Your Strategy Needs a Strategy”, managers and founders can learn through economic simulation, how to successfully use different business strategies. Berlin Mobile specialist Neofonie Mobile has developed and implemented a Hybrid App for BCG.

Serious Gaming App for Manager

In “Your Strategy Needs a Strategy”, the player is the owner of a Lemonade Stand in New York City. Through this role, the player can experience how the different strategies can be adapted to the various conditions in the game. The player must sell their Lemonade and make a profit against the competition in the five Boroughs of New York City.

Each of the different environments require a different strategic approach. Based on the simulation, the the player can see, in a compand its management, why a particular strategy fits an envirnoment and how to decide on that strategy.

The Serious Gaming App is based on the content of Publications and Research from the BCG Strategy Institute. Martin Reeves, BCG Senior Partner and Director of the BCG Stratetegy Institute in New York: “The book “Your Strategy Needs a Strategy” demonstrates the necessity for companies to match their approach to strategy and execution with their business environment. BCG proposes the Strategy Palette as a tool to match five distinct approaches to strategy to the environment. The app offers a very novel and powerful way for business leaders, students, and strategy enthusiasts to learn about and experience strategy in a hands on and engaging manner”.

Hybrid-App integrates HTML5 and Native Elements

In addition to high performance and ease of use, the game is attractive with the use of an animated world of experience, sounds and real landscapes. Amongst others, the Empire State Building, the New York Yankee Stadium and the Brooklyn Bridge are all integrated into the app.BCG-App_start Different musical styles and many Sound Effects transport the player acoustically into the hustle and bustle of New York and additionally underpin the respective specific strategy within the game. The Hybrid-App was developed by Neofonie Mobile using Cordova with HTML5 and AngularJS. Additionally, the Gameengine Pixi.js, the UI Framework Ionic were used. The design and creation of the buildings, the 3D Animation Software Maya was used. The flexible level design is based on JSON. Neofonie Mobile has developed and integrated, amongst other aspects, its own Crowd Engine that is used relaying information to the player. Another feature of the Serious Gaming App includes a Replay Video with an added Heatmap to illustrate the volatility of of the environments along with recommendations for the level. “With the iPad App, Your Strategy Needs a Strategy, our thanks is given to Neofonie Mobile in the field of HTML and Hybrid-Apps for a successful, innovative and entertaining Milestone in the area of Mobile Leaning through Gaming”, explains Bastian Bergmann, Consultant The Boston Consulting Group.

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