New Strategy App for the Boston Consulting Group

Berlin, July 27th, 2016: To be implemented successfully, every new business idea needs a thoroughly examined strategy. Educational games, so-called serious gaming apps, help managers learn and playfully test out strategies. The world-renowned Boston Consulting Group (BCG) has just released the Executive leadership game “Your Strategy Needs a Strategy” in Version 2.0. The player is the owner of a lemonade stand in New York City, and he has to stand up to competitors and sell his product successfully in five different boroughs, each with a different strategic approach. Version 2.0 uses features that are totally unique for a consulting company. Boston Consulting Group (BCG) has once again commissioned the Berlin mobile specialists Neofonie Mobile to develop the app.


The game level is adjusted to the individual needs of the company

With the so-called seminar function, BCG can adjust the game level and setting to reflect a company’s specific current and future strategic environments. The seminar function also allows access to more detailed feedback on individual game play, including assessment of the player’s skills for each strategic environment and how well their approach matches that environment. The facilitator of the seminar has access to a dashboard with individual and group level results of the game in order to analyze game play and ground a discussion of company strategy in patterns found in the game. For even more flexibility, all games will be synced to the cloud so that they can be played on any number of end devices. Following the success of version 1.0, the app has now been developed in Chinese and Japanese.


More sense of competition thanks to the central high score and scouting function

To bring an even more real sense of competition into the app, a central leader board has been integrated, enabling both Android and iOS players to compete on a central high score system. In order to get as high a score as possible, business strategists have the ability to strategically align themselves even better: The “scouting” function allows players to explore new markets, and only then to decide whether or not the market is suitable for their own business.


The new update wows players with an even more authentic playing feel. It is now possible to compete with other players even more and to continuously improve by using detailed analyses.


The game is now available

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About Neofonie Mobile

m_badge_claim_40mm_rgb_230_0_35_großNeofonie Mobile specializes in cross-channel, platform-agnostic solutions for mobile devices, especially smartphones and tablets based on iOS, Android, and Windows. Its references include the Berlin Philharmonic, Süddeutsche Zeitung and Die Welt. According to Internet agency rankings, Neofonie Mobile is among the top 20 agencies for mobile solutions nationwide. Neofonie Mobile was founded in 2008 as a subsidiary of Neofonie GmbH in Berlin.

About Boston Consulting Group

BCG logoThe Boston Consulting Group (BCG) is an international management consulting firm and a world leader in the field of corporate strategy. BCG helps companies from all sectors and regions to take advantage of growth opportunities, adapt their business model to new circumstances, and develop new business models. BCG develops individual solutions in partnership-based collaboration with their clients. BCG was founded in 1963 by Bruce D. Henderson and is now represented in 81 locations in 45 countries.

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