Welcome to the first Hybrid Cordova Network

The first meeting of the Berlin Apache Cordova Network is about to happen! Neofonie Mobile and Neofonie invite you to your rooms.

cordova_kleinCordova is the next leading mobile technology. With no other framework apps can be developed for all known mobile systems. David Hohl, project manager of Neofonie Mobile, organized the the first hybrid cordova network event.

We want to know more about Cordova:
Learning, experimenting, trying out, coming up with best practises will be a long term process. We are pursuing a 360° look at hybrid Projects. The Meetup targets are not just Devs but also PMs, Designer, Quality Manager and Clients who want to know more about Development with Cordova.

When:Thursday, 09 April 2015 by 19 clock
Where: Neofonie Mobile, Robert-Koch-Platz 4, 10115 Berlin, 5th Floor

Some thoughts on Cordova from Project Managers, Designers, Developers and Quality
Let’s start developing an App together for iOS/Droid/Win/Browser for Phones & Tablets
Everybody contributes and everybody improves his/her skills
Native developers are very welcome to implement plugins for the different platforms

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