Mobile Apps: 6 Features for Outperforming Your Competitors

Wordwide mobile users are ahead of desktop users surfing the internet. Not only by number of global users but also with average usage time of almost 3 hours daily. More and more companies decide to have their own mobile app to offer their customers new services and enhance the customer loyalty. Klaudia Cierluk, Marketing Assistant at Neofonie Mobile, will not give you strategic advices, but some very concrete feature-ideas.


Version 2.0 of educational game Your strategy needs a strategy released by Boston Consulting Group and developed by Neofonie Mobile is now available on Chinese and Japanese market

“Locationservice with GPS and iBeacons”
These features help to improve User Experience by adding maps and localizing users independently on their current position. GPS function is priceless when it comes to events and shopfinders; iBeacons – for indoor activities. It is also widely used as advertising hotspot or location-based content sender as it informs nearby users about current offers.

“Push Notification”
How to positively influence user loyalty better than through customized messages? Push Notifications are a valuable mean of bringing users up to date within seconds. Good communication is the key!

“Mobile payment”
Mobile Payment is an essential part of Mobile Commerce. Variety of apps enables users to pay for services and goods as well as transfer money wirelessly via a mobile device. Subscription systems make use of Mobile Payment technologies by integrating payment systems into apps, for example newspaper-apps.

This feature is extensively integrated for instance into newspapers going mobile. Readers who subscribe to journals can enjoy them not only in paper form but also on smartphones or tablets – all managed within one account. It is an option for publishing houses that want to reach purchasers who are always on-the-go.


StZ Digital iPad App developed by Neofonie Mobile is based on the mobile publishing solution APP

Customer loyalty feature”
Acquiring a new customer costs much more than maintaining relationship with a current one. Loyalty programs include rewarding most active users with bonuses, discounts or point cards.

“Augmented Reality – AR”
Despite being integrated mostly into games (like App-Store record breaker, Pokemon Go), this technology is recently gaining immense popularity in industries like tourism and healthcare. Augmented reality is, to put it shortly, your environment overlaid with additional information provided by an app in real time. Data delivery is quick and unnoticeable to the user. AR offers much more than just display of pictures and videos – now users can touch a product via smartphone and tablet.

Bizarre black-white patterns are in fact matrixes containing information that is decoded via an app. After scanning the code with camera user is redirected to for instance a website. QR technology can be a convenient service in the areas of: transportation (ticket payment), marketing (voucher redemption) or even purchasing items.


About the author
21 year old Klaudia studies Business and English Language & Linguistics at Humboldt Universität zu Berlin and since 2015 works as marketing assistant for Neofonie Mobile. She has gained experience, among others, in a marketing agency in China.