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More range with Alexa Skills

Language assistants such as Alexa or Google Assistant are enjoying growing popularity. For companies they represent a new marketing and communication channel. Neofonie Mobile helps companies with the development of Alexa Skills to make audio content available for Amazon Alexa.

Why Companies Need Alexa Skills

What “apps” are on the smartphones so called “actions” in Google Assistant and “skills” in Alexa. Companies can harness the potential of language assistants and make all business areas more efficient and intuitive, from marketing and sales to in-house use.

The possibilities reach thereby from simple Skills for information up to more complex as for instance Shopping Skills. Companies can use skills to offer their (potential) customers more service – simple ordering options, relevant information or a direct line to support are just a few examples. Language assistants also offer excellent distribution channels for content marketing.


Practical example: Neofonie Blogcast

With the call: “Alexa, start Neofonie Blogcast” Alexa begins to read out contributions from the Neo Tech Blog. In the meantime more than 20 episodes are available in which trends and practical examples around Commerce, Content Management, Mobile and Artificial Intelligence are presented in an easily understandable way. In addition to itunes, Soundcloud and Spotify, another channel has been added to the content marketing mix of Neofonie. The skill was implemented by Neofonie Mobile.

We develop your voice apps

Neofonie Mobile helps companies to develop individually adapted skills. We can create public skills that appeal to a wide range of users as well as business skills that are only accessible to employees of a company. From consulting to implementation and registration at Amazon, we provide our customers with comprehensive support. Talk to us.

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