Hama launches Point of Sales App in  retail stores

With the new Hama POS App, the Hama product series Smart Living and Smart Sound can now be tested live in retail stores. The app was developed by Neofonie Mobile.

Hama POS App – try out products live

Smart control of devices

Anyone interested in Hama’s smart devices such as voice-controlled loudspeakers, soundbars, lamps, cameras, switches and sensors in the electronics trade not only wants to see them and obtain information about the technical features, but also try them out.

Neofonie Mobile has developed a POS app for Hama for use in retail.

  • Concept creation
  • UX design
  • Development

  • EMM System
  • Android Management API

Hama completely individual

Point of Sale App for smart products

With the Point of Sale App, the smart Hama products can be operated and tested live via Android Tablets. Product videos and information are also available. The POS app is individually adapted and configured by Hama to the situation in the store and the available Hama products with minimal effort. Access to further functions of the tablet is blocked by the app and only possible for the Hama head office.

EMM App as Management Solution

An Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) application was developed for the administration of the POS App. New tablets can be configured and installed and the POS App can be managed or maintained remotely.



  • POS App for Android Tablets
  • Operation of loudspeakers, lamps, sensors etc.
  • Tablet Blocking/Kiosk Mode
  • EMM system based on the Android Management API

“Thanks to Neofonie Mobile, we have succeeded in making our Smart Home products experienceable in specialist shops with the POS App and thus supporting local sales.”

Bastian Strommer, Senior Product Manager


Our client

About Hama

Hama GmbH & Co KG, with 18,000 products worldwide, is one of the leading distributors of accessories in the consumer electronics, communications, automotive, computer, gaming, photo & video and imaging product sectors. Hama is distributed in 20 locations all over the world.

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