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Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon (GAFA) are the best-known digital ecosystems. Their unique network of services has made them the largest companies in the world. The development of mobile digital ecosystems will change the world.

First companies are showing how digital ecosystems can change the mobile world. Through the unique combination of different services in one app, the customer is offered added value in which each component fits to the other. This combination creates a unique user experience and increases customer loyalty and satisfaction. Many companies are now facing the innovative opportunity to create their own mobile digital ecosystems.

Mobile digital ecosystems combine hardware, software, services and content. Find out what is behind the individual components and how their interaction adds value to the customer.

Mobiles Ökosystem

Opportunities of mobile ecosystems

Nowadays, it is no longer enough to provide an app with functionality. Everything has to be connected, easy to use, understandable and controllable from an app.  A mobile ecosystem increases your customer numbers and loyalty through the extended benefits with different services and binds them to your company in the long term. Neofonie Mobile shows how hardware, software, services and content in a mobile digital ecosystem interact, what the benefits and opportunities are in mobile ecosystems, how to build one and what to look for.

Benefit from Neofonie Mobiles expertise

Neofonie Mobile specializes in custom app development and ranks # 1 among the Berlin agencies for the development of mobile solutions. Neofonie Mobile can bring solid experience by developing more than 500 applications within 10 years.

One of the latest references is the HUK travel app:


The HUK Travel App combines insurance services of HUK-COBURG with important health information about the travel destination in one app. The customer has among other things Vaccination recommendations, checklists and emergency numbers. The GPS tracking function also provides quick help in case of emergency.
More about the HUK project.

Neofonie supports you in your digital transformation – from the strategy, through the definition of concrete actions, to the implementation and continuous monitoring of your digital activities. Get in touch with Neofonie Mobile and get your individual application.

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