Full service App-Development for your mobile success

Neofonie Mobile specializes in the development of crossplatform and crosschannel solutions for mobile devices, especially for smartphones and tablets based on iOS, Android and Windows. References include the Berliner Philharmoniker, Süddeutsche Zeitung and the newspaper Die Welt.


Mobile digitalization brings new possibilities and means changes. An abundance of ways to implement mobile technologies, process optimizations, or business cases can make your head spin. Our goal is to guide you through all possible paths; modelling your business or product together with you; setting your return-on-investment (ROI) and developing a minimal viable product for your target group.

Mobile strategy

We provide a full spectrum of consulting services around apps and mobile internet. Within a workshop, we share knowledge about cornerstones, trends, and potentials of a mobile strategy. We show you how to optimally reach your customers in a mobile environment and how to approach your target group in the future.

Prozess optimization

Mobile devices enable the optimization and simplification of internal and external processes. Here we focus on saving time and money.


People are always at the center of our attention. Who are the stakeholders and users? What do they think, feel and expect? Together with you we work on an optimal User Journey and simultaneously analyze suitable methods like A/B testing, eye-tracking, design thinking and user centered design.

User analysis

We offer you a number of case specific and scalable methods of analysis that help you understand your users and their behaviour better and thus skyrocket your product user experience.

Design thinking

Design Thinking is a process of finding solutions and ideas. The aim here is observing, understanding, and visualizing the customer’s way of thinking as well as finding ideas and developing a prototype for testing.


We live by the motto: “Mobile first!”. But which mobile technology suits your plan? Whether web, hybrid or native – all technologies possess certain advantages. We assist you with assessing the possibilities and choosing the optimal mobile solution.

Our strengths…

…lie in individually and carefully tailored development services and professional integration of reliable mobile solutions. Regardless of the platform and device, we develop using the latest technologies in order to offer you and your users the best possible experience.

They include:
– Swift (iOS)
– Kotlin (Android)
– Angular (Hybrid)
– Ionic (Hybrid)

Backend, service and maintenance

We guarantee reliable and trouble-free operation. We achieve it thanks to using diverse technologies including Docker containers, multiple backend solutions, and managed IT services that are either in the cloud or built on your own infrastructure.

Docker Container

Containers enable more agile software development and more flexible scalability which results in saved time and money. Docker is the leading and the fastest growing container technology.


Nowadays, having a fast-functioning backend is more important than ever before. Depending on your needs, we offer you various backend technologies such as Firebase, Azure or AWS.

Quality assurance

We offer expertise and support in terms of Quality Assurance in its wide range. As the full-service provider, our offer embraces not only functional tests but also data security, performance- and last tests, code maintainability as well as extensive documentation. Maintaining high quality of digital products and services – refined with an extensive customer-oriented approach – is our mission. We do not only ensure best quality assurance of mobile apps possible, but also offer professional IT-quality management and software testing – in all phases of conceptualization and software development, and on all operating systems, browsers and mobile devices.

Bug detection on every step

Testing unit becomes a part of the team as early as at the beginning of each new project and accompanies the software development process with constant quality tests. This particular approach enables an instant exchange of information and thus an early detection of bugs on every partial step as well as implementation of a functioning end result.

Always up-to-date

Mobile Apps must be developed further in order to stay runnable on the most-recent platforms and mobile devices. Demands of the user group lead to further adjustments, too. Our test-team carries out various, cost-friendly software tests since the very beginning of the development process so that your mobile app stays permanently dependable, safe, fast and reliable.


AgileIn workshops, we find an agile method that best fits your needs and we demonstrate the ways in which you can profit from them. Take advantage of our agile software development experience and benefit by getting your software delivered quickly and reliably. Our goal is to provide a clear understanding of the principles and the culture of agile methods like Scrum and Kanban.

Integrate agile into your daily work routine

Together we help you integrate agile elements into your daily work routine. A retrospective later takes place, during which we discuss obstacles that arose and the experiences up to this date.

Scrum Master / Kanban Sensei Workshop

The role of a Scrummaster is highly important. Not only does he monitor the self-imposed team rules, but he is also the contact person when questions and problems arise. We not only provide agile consulting but also organize trainings and coaching and can introduce you to various agile tools.

Let’s create a concept!

Best is our standard for all platforms. As full-service agency we guide you through each and every step of an App-development process. We are looking forward to hearing more about your project.

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