200 insurances in comparison: Apps are obligatory

27. September 2018

The digital transformation is in full swing among private insurers and legal health insurers, but there is still a lot of catching up to do. This is confirmed by the current market analysis of the app specialist Neofonie Mobile. The Berlin agency has examined 217 German insurers and analyzed their digital offer for mobile devices. In addition, the 20 largest private insurance companies and legal health insurances were compared on the basis of the years 2014 and 2018.

One third of insurers still without an app

Looking at the total of over 200 private insurers and legal health insurances examined, 320 apps can be identified. Large insurers such as ADAC, AOK, Generali or Allianz offer their customers several apps – sometimes even more than ten. Almost a third of all insurers (84) do not offer their customers any app.



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The 20 largest private insurance companies show a different picture: While in 2014 just 60 percent of the top 20 insurers* had a native app, this number rose by 35 percentage points until this year. It is clear: Almost all insurances nowadays have a native app. The number of mobile websites has also risen, even if only minimally from 65 to 70 percent. Consequently, there are few insurers that offer neither a mobile website nor a native app.

Legal health insurances are digital pioneers

Legal health insurances are digital pioneers in many areas: as early as 2014, the clear majority (81 percent) of the largest health insurance companies** had already an app in their service offering. Four years later, this number grew to over 90 percent. There is also a slight trend in the area of ​​mobile websites. In 2014, three-quarters of legal health insurance companies had a mobile website, meanwhile this number has grown to 85 percent. Already in 2014, almost half of all legal health insurance companies offered a closed portal for their customers, now it is even two-thirds.

Functions and topics make the difference

The large number of apps examined can be distinguished by the services and functions. The customer portal as a closed service area is gaining in importance, especially among the biggest insurers: in 2014, only one insurance company (Deutsche Krankenversicherung AG, DKV for short) offered such a service to its customers. Nearly half of the largest insurers now provide a closed customer portal.

Apps in the field of car insurances include features such as an emergency call system or the transfer of damages. GPS-based breakdown messages are a must-have nowadays. In the area of ​​lifestyle, the functions such as the mobile submission of medical bills, sick leave, fitness and training offers, nutrition tips and bonus programs are of great importance.


The results of Mobile Solutions of German Insurances


* Debeka, DKV, Аха, Allianz, Signal-Iduna, HUK-COBURG, Continentale, Central, Barmenia, Gothaer, Hallesche, Hanse-Merkur, LKH, Süddeutsche, Inter, Deutscher Ring, Union, Universa, Münchener Verein, Versicherungskammer Bayern.


** Techniker Krankenkasse, Barmer GEK, DAK-Gesundheit, AOK Bayern, IKK classic, Kaufmännische Krankenkasse, Knappschaft, Deutsche BKK, Siemens-Betriebskrankenkasse, Betriebskrankenkasse Mobil Oil, BKK vor Ort, SVLFG, IKK Südwest, Pronova BKK, Bahn BKK, Mhplus Betriebskrankenkasse, Audi BKK, Novitas BKK, BKK Verkehrsbau Union, Hanseatische Krankenkasse, Bundesinnungskrankenkasse Gesundheit


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