Neofonie Mobile develops a health app together with HUK-COBURG

7. August 2018



The perfect vaccination for the trip to Australia, the ideal travel guide for the most unusual places of the 3-week-trip and the right place to go in case of (emergency) cases – there are a few dispositions to make for a well-deserved holiday. The new app of the German insurance company HUK-COBURG helps tourists with the preparations and bundles relevant travel information. It combines insurance services of HUK-COBURG with important health information about the travel destination in one app. With the development, the company has commissioned the Berlin app specialist Neofonie Mobile. Against the background of the increasing number of trips abroad and smartphones alike, the app seems to meet the needs of German tourists. Around 80 percent of Germans own a smartphone and almost as many travel abroad at least once a year, according to a survey by the German travel association DRV


The app is more than a travel app


Apps have long been part of the standard repertoire of German insurers. The new app of HUK-COBURG goes one step further and picks up the insured individually according to their needs. The app developed by Neofonie Mobile together with HUK-COBURG provides information on travel destinations, recommended vaccinations, rare diseases and foreign emergency numbers. In addition, checklists for the travel preparations can be created. A 24h contact function with GPS location function should help in an emergency. In addition, HUK-COBURG has extended the travel-abroad features by the premium service “Online Consultation”, which is available to HUK-COBURG customers with health or sickness insurance for beneficiaries: For example, insured persons can use the app to ask questions about health issues or disease patterns via video or live chat. This makes the app a comprehensive health app and sets impulses in the insurance industry. With future updates, the app will be supplemented with additional services – so the app “My Health” is increasingly becoming a health guide.  

The app runs on iOS and Android alike.


Logo_HUK-COBURGWith more than eleven million customers, HUK-COBURG is the largest insurer for private households with traditionally low-priced offers ranging from motor insurance to liability, accident, property and legal protection insurance to private health insurance, life insurance and private pension insurance. HUK-COBURG, headquartered in Coburg, employed a total of more than 10,000 people at the end of 2016 (



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