Neofonie Mobile diskutiert zu Location-based Services im Tourismus

27. Januar 2015

The focus of the LOCA Conference, from 05 – 06 February 2015 will take place in Munich, are location-based services and navigation technologies for retail, tourism, automotive and marketing. Felix Handschuh from Neofonie Mobile will talk about options of local guest services on the panel discussion of the Travel Industry Club.

Der Travel Industry Club organised a panel discussion on the topic: The new and improved relationship „Guest relation with location“. Included is Felix Handschuh of Neofonie Mobile. He will consider options and their technological limits of location-based services in the travel industry with focus on technologies such as augmented reality and iBeacons.
In addition to Felix Handschuh, also Dr. Peter Agel of MICROS-FIDELIO GmbH, Sebastian Fleischmann of Oracle and Jonathan Stephen of Silver Airways US will take part in the round table.

Global Panel for Travel and Hospitality des Travel Industry Clubs
The new improved relationship
Time: 11:50 – 13:15

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