Webinar: Apps for Alexa & Co – Advantages, Examples, How-to Guides

8. October 2019

Understand market trends, challenges, costs and go-to-market strategies for voice apps.


Every third German already uses language assistants and the market continues to grow. Ideally, Google Assistant, Siri and Alexa make life easier. They plan our calendar, search the Internet and manage our home – which is why they are so popular with families, the largest user group.
But still it is difficult for many companies to use language assistants for themselves and to reach the different target groups.

Nathanael Siering brings light into the darkness. As technical project manager he is directly responsible for the success of development projects. Formerly an app developer himself, he most recently managed several app projects for voice assistants. Whether it’s a voice-controlled search or a Smart Home solution, Nathanael gives insights into his work and experiences. 


“Entering the voice app market is often easier than imagined – those who check their possibilities now can benefit from the technology at an early stage.”
Nathanael Siering


On 28th of January 2020 Nathanael Siering gives an overview of the current market developments and trends in 30 minutes. He explains the challenges and costs during the implementation and shows a concrete guideline for action.


Join the Webinar (in German only)


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