Webinar: How mobile digital ecosystems inspire your customers

14. June 2018

Webinar mobile Oekosysteme

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Google, Apple, Facebook and Amazon are the best known digital ecosystems. They combine a variety of services that provide the customer with clear added value. This recipe for success applies to mobile digital ecosystems.


The customer does not want to use multiple apps, but expects an app that integrates different services. As a result, customer satisfaction and customer loyalty increase. In a 45-minute free webinar, Steffen Lüdtke from Neofonie Mobile will present the essential components of a mobile digital ecosystem. He also gives an overview of the benefits, opportunities and challenges of a mobile digital ecosystem and how it can be developed.


Steffen-Luedtke-Business-DeveloperWebinar:  Mobile Ecosystems – Opportunities and challenges

Time: July 3, 2018, 11:00 – 11:45 AM

Speaker: Steffen Lüdtke, Business Development Manager atNeofonie Mobile

Target group: Strategy & Transformation Manager, Innovation and Consumer Leader, Chief Digital Officer, Chief Innovation Officer, Digital Business Manager

Language: German

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