Just be boss: The “CE Chef easy app” makes it possible

The new digital information service, “CE Chef easy App”, provides bosses with up-to-date news and relevant information – from personnel and pay issues to strategic topics. Neofonie Mobile drafted, designed and implemented the app.

The IWW Institute for Knowledge in Business Management pursues the goal of making knowledge available for professional practice in a time-saving manner and offers filtered information for specific occupational groups. As the central point of contact for employers, IWW wants to offer a mobile version of the CE Chef website. The CE Chef easy app brings all the information from the website to your smartphone or tablet, while offering additional mobile features such as push notifications and native navigation with offline modus.

CE Chef easy is available at Google Play Store or at Apple Store.

Practical aids such as checklists, sample formulations and employment contracts can be downloaded directly from the app. This way, the user has all the relevant information at his fingertips. As a publishing app, the website content is brought device-optimized on smartphone and tablet and is also available offline. The push feature keeps the user up to date.

The Highlights

  • Mobile Publishing App
  • Push notifications
  • Native navigation with offline mode
  • White Label App for iOS and Android

“With the "CE Chef easy"App we provide employers with practical knowledge on tablet and smartphone in all common media formats: text, video and graphics. The app is designed as a white label solution so we can offer more mobile information services to new audiences.”

Jörg TholeChefredakteur und Leiter F&E, IWW

IWW-Logo-Referenz_NeofonieAbout IWW

The Institute for Knowledge in Business GmbH is a subsidiary of the Vogel Communication Group. The IWW filters out the relevant information from the daily flood of news and prepares it for specific topics.

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