full-706aaeb5ceec41d6b44b92573f19c8fd Making life easier
with Internet of Things

G Tag and G Me Apps From now on lost gadgets – including smartphones and keys – can be easily found with help of small Bluetooth senders. The G Tag and G Me Apps can even help to track down cars parked in different cities. Neofonie Mobile developed the Framework Library for this ground-breaking project.

Highlights:✱ Innovation in field of Internet of Things
✱ Available for iOS and Android
✱ G Tags are tracked down by the App
✱ Modern and user-friendly design
✱ Transparent app updates due to the Docker Container Backend system

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What our partner says:

“Internet of Things becomes reality with Gigaset G Tag. Thanks to the interaction between a small Bluetooth sender and the G-Tag App, the user can easily find his lost items again. Neofonie developed the backend that allows users to profit from the countless benefits of G-Tag in the Cloud.”

Raphael Dörr
Head of Global Corporate and Digital Strategy & Transformation, Gigaset

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