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About us

Individual, Professional and Customer-focussed

Since 2008, we have been helping companies make their mobile ideas reality and are now one of the leading app agencies in Germany.


Who we are

Neofonie Mobile was founded in 2008 and currently employs over 45 people. So far, we have successfully implemented over 550 mobile apps in 12 countries.
We have been a Certified Agency in the Google Developers Agency Program since 2017.

Neofonie Mobile was founded in 2008 with the birth of the iPhone and the resulting rapid growth of the app market. Since then, it has helped companies in a range of industries implement tailored business-to-consumer and enterprise apps. We rely on cooperation built on partnership, whatever the technology or the scenario. Our agile team develops native apps, cross-platform apps and web apps to meet specific requirements.

As part of the Neofonie Group, we are able to think about digital products on an integrated basis. Together with digital agencies Neofonie and Neofonie Polska, UX agency ION ONE and AI agency ontolux, we create unique digital products with impressive levels of user-friendliness and technical perfection across all channels.

Your Contacts

Thomas Kitlitschko Geschäftsführer Neofonie

Thomas Kitlitschko

Thomas Kitlitschko is the managing director of the Neofonie Group. He has more than 20 years of experience in the management of medium-sized companies in the IT and Internet industry. 

+49 30 24627-0

Stefan Gerstmeier

Stefan Gerstmeier

Stefan Gerstmeier has over 20 years of experience in the IT industry. He held several executive positions in various IT companies in Asia and the US. Since 2014 Stefan is part of the Neofonie Mobile and Neofonie Polska Management Board. 

+49 30 24627-284

CMS Evaluation & Vergleich

Oliver Paulus

+49 30 24627-325

CMS Entwicklung

Nurhan Yildirim

+49 30 24627-0

Anja Unterberger-Schneck

Anja Unterberger-Schneck

Teamlead Marketing
+49 30 24627-506