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AO Trauma Orthogeriatrics

With the Education App “AO Trauma Orthogeriatrics”, surgeons and healthcare professionals can test and learn their medical know-how. Neofonie Mobile has designed, developed and enhanced the app for the AO Foundation for iOS and Android.

App relaunch

Learning app for the treatment of people with fractures

The AO Foundation promotes knowledge transfer among surgeons and the interactive community of healthcare professionals. Especially in the specialties of trauma, spine, craniomaxillofacial and veterinary surgery, the know-how is to be trained by means of educational and consulting offers. Neofonie Mobile was commissioned to develop the Education App AO Trauma Orthogeriatric as early as 2013. In the following years several smaller and larger updates were carried out. In 2019, Neofonie Mobile comprehensively updated the app and took it to a new level.


  • App development
  •  User Interface Design
  • Maintenance
  • Upgrade


  • Cordova
  • HTML5/CSS3
  • PhoneGap
  • JQuery



AO Trauma Orthogeriatric App

The AO Trauma Orthogeriatric App is an education app that provides guidance in the treatment of patients with fractures. The content is presented through a series of question-answer paths, providing the user with supporting information during diagnosis, planning and execution of surgical procedures. The offer is primarily aimed at surgeons and trainees, but is also suitable for physicians and specialists in other health care fields. The app is available for smartphones and tablets running on iOS or Android.


Hybrid App

Cross platform app based on HTML5

The “AO Trauma Orthogeriatric” app was designed from the outset as a hybrid app based on HTML5. This offers the advantage of using native features of the smartphone or tablet, such as connectivity status and access to file systems, as well as the flexibility of a web application. The code base is also equally usable for iOS and Android.


Interface Design

Focus on content

The interface design was developed in close cooperation with the client and focuses on the content to easily guide the user through the respective learning mode. The user selects one of the learning modules already on the start screen and follows the steps after selection. The design is based on a cross-platform approach and is created for smartphones in portrait format and for tablets in portrait and landscape format. Individual adaptations to the respective operating system have been almost completely eliminated.

Version 1.0

The learning modules are the focus

The app’s concept is based on four learning modules: Osteoporosis, Delirium, Anticoagulation and Pain Management, which are already presented on the introductory page. Yes/No answer pages and list views guide the user through the respective learning content. A navigation, an information page and a glossary of references and abbreviations have also been integrated.

Current version

Optically and technically up to date

In 2019, the app underwent a comprehensive relaunch. Besides the integration of the new branding of the AO Foundation, a new learning unit for fall prevention was added. Furthermore, content has been updated and the technology has been upgraded to the current “Cordova” version 8.1.1.



  • Learning app for medical professionals

  • Cross-platform design

  • Simple question-answer paths

  • Hybrid app based on HTML5

  • Development and support since 2013

  • Relaunch 2019


Well over 10,000 installations and satisfied customers speak for themselves. The app’s rating is between 4-5 out of 5 points and the AO Foundation also sticks to the app. The hybrid app continues to function stably even after 8 years and supports medical professionals in testing and improving their knowledge.

Our client

AO Foundation

The AO Foundation is a medically-led non-profit organization led by an international group of surgeons specializing in the treatment of trauma and musculoskeletal disorders. It was founded in 1958 by 13 visionary surgeons.

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