How to master Business Strategies
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Your strategy needs
a strategy

Under the banner “Your Strategy Needs a Strategy”, Neofonie Mobile has developed a hybrid iOS iPad Serious Gaming App where various Business Strategies are taught in a fun and entertaining way. This has been implemented by the World Leading Strategy Institute at The Boston Consulting Group.


  • Adventure world with 2D-animations
  • Working pedestrians, road traffic and traffic lights
  • Coordinated SFX based upon game events
  • A heatmap and recording of the game to emphasize strategy learnings
  • A crowd engine that is used to enhance the dynamic environment
  • Highscore server for private highscore sessions
  • Available for Smartphone and Tablet in English, Japanese and Chinese



Seminar Function

With the so-called seminar function BCG can adjust the game level and setting to reflect a company’s specific current and future strategic environments. The seminar function also allows access to more detailed feedback on individual game play, including assessment of the player’s skills for each strategic environment and how well their approach matches that environment. The facilitator of the seminar has access to a dashboard with individual and group level results of the game in order to analyze game play and ground a discussion of company strategy in patterns found in the game. For even more flexibility, all games will be synced to the cloud so that they can be played on any number of end devices.


Seminar Highlights:

  • Backend with level editor
  • New functions including Scouting und Research
  • Crosplattform leaderboard engine
  • Detailed gameplay analysis
  • Export feature
  • Analysis of progress
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The Boston Consulting Group is an international management consultancy company and a worldwide leader in the area of business strategy. BCG supports enterprises from all industries and regions in using growth prospects, adapting business models to new circumstances as well as developing new business models. BCG values individual approach towards each customer and a fair cooperation. The Boston Consulting Group was established in 1963 by Bruce D. Henderson and is currently represented in 81 locations in 45 countries.

“With the iPad App ´Your Strategy Needs a Strategy´ our thanks is given to Neofonie Mobile in the field of HTML and Hybrid-Apps for a successful, innovative and entertaining Milestone in the area of Mobile Learning through Gaming.”

Bastian BergmannConsultant, The Boston Consulting Group

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